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Our Investigators are Police trained, with interviews conducted in accordance with the “Rules of Evidence” and statements are taken which satisfy Court requirements arising from the investigation.

We can assure you of the highest degree of confidentiality at all times:

Compiling an informative, complete investigation plan to effectively achieve your aims.

Conduct an investigation in order to limit the company’s losses, identify offenders and reduce the incidents and affects of loss in the workplace.

We comply with all relevant Statutes to the best of our ability.

A full report is supplied outlining action taken, the results and recommendations.

Our Investigators are conscious of the requirements of both the Criminal and Labour Courts and can advise appropriate action to be taken for each suspect based on the merits of each specific case

Private Investigators are working increasingly more frequently alongside the Police to combat crime. The Police now must look into cases passed on by Private Investigators, even assisting in obtaining Search Warrants if needed (NZ Herald 16/5/09)


10% of your staff are completely honest,

10% are completely dishonest, and

80% could go either way.

People have found if suspected loss goes uninvestigated, loss continues and grows, shattering tight-knit workplaces.

Our services pay for themselves by investigating and reducing your losses.