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Covert / Overt Cameras

Covert Surveillance:

To establish evidence of criminal offending in controlled environments, we operate a comprehensive range of Closed Circuit TV Camera equipment, allowing recording in a diverse range of applications, utilising both colour and low light sensitive black and white cameras. All recordings are date/timed and, where applicable, these timings are matched to that operating at the point of sale.

All recording is done in compliance with the relevant statutes.

Overt Surveillance:

Securitek has undertaken many major projects over the last 20 years. These include two sites which have over 230 cameras per site. Securitek has installed the largest DVR site in Australasia and was recognised by Mitsubishi Japan for completing such a project.

Securitek has in its early days installed more multiplex 16 camera systems than any other company (72 x systems in 8 years). Our company has over 240 DVR sites all connected to the network allowing them to be reviewed remotely.

With the advent of IP Solutions, Securitek has the capability to install any type of CCTV System that you or your company requires. All installation work or consultancy is completed in-house without external contractors.

All clients are treated with strict confidentiality.


Recorded video footage is reviewed by our trained operators.

We have a dedicated review suite set up with equipment that allows all types of surveillance equipment to be reviewed.

We ensure recorded footage is reviewed in a professional, confidential manner and in line with the strict guidelines set out in the Private Investigators Act and Privacy Act.

Footage is stored in a secure environment in line with the evidence rules and other relevant statutes